How We Got Here

It was all started by a mouse…

Wait, wrong company. Let’s try this again, shall we?

Hey there, hi, hello! Can you believe that Perfect Circle launched one month ago? We definitely can’t, and we’re thrilled with all of the support we’ve been receiving. We’ve been hard at work recording podcasts, researching marketing strategies, and developing new ways to grow and expand our blog! 

In honor of our one month anniversary, and going along with our passion for sharing others stories, we wanted to tell you our own story! We want you to know how we got to where we are, and why we started this crazy journey. So let’s go back to the beginning…

The year was 2013 (not as dramatic as you though, right?) and college freshman Sean and Angelo were just starting to get acclimated to Elmhurst College. One fateful day, these two budding entrepreneurs met and said “hey bro you’re cool, we should hang out”. And then they never spoke again.

That is, until 2014 when Sean and Angelo found out they were going to be working together as RAs. They formed the dynamic duo that was eventually dubbed “Seangelo”, a friendship full of playing video games and making crappy bulletin boards. What really drove their friendship was a late night discussion of their dreams and aspirations, a truly serendipitous foreshadowing to the future.

During this time, they met the utterly sophisticated and humble Quinn (me!), who didn’t really play video games but made good bulletin boards.

College progressed, and friendships grew; the three amigos (plus their other badass BFFL Lindsay) formed a pretty great squad. Adventures were had, a few drinks were consumed, stupid pictures were taken. But in addition to all of the fun, Sean and Angelo were developing professionally.


Angelo began as a recruiter for LaSalle network, a technical recruiter, and a client service representative. In addition to that, he was coaching varsity, JV, and youth lacrosse teams. Sean started to intern for a tech startup company, worked for a FinTech company in an alternative finance sector, and had an internship for the government.  

Fast forward and the squad became college graduates. Sean and Quinn moved halfway across the world (in opposite directions) to get their graduate degrees, and Angelo began working full time. They were all in the big leagues now, but there was still a void to be filled.  


Sean and Angelo were grateful for the wide range of opportunities that they had throughout college, and the variety of connections that they were able to create. Upon graduating, they realized there were too many young and inspired people that didn’t know what they wanted to begin, or how to even start this next chapter. Seeing this need, they began brainstorming a big idea, a way to make this process of going out into the world easier. A way to build connections and relationships, and to give people the same crazy opportunities that they had. They consulted social media extraordinaire (hi, me again) Quinn, and then began creating. 

So now we’ve come full circle on Perfect Circle (I’m so sorry), and we can’t wait for you to grow and develop with us. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates, and subscribe to the blog to be sure you never miss a post.

– The PC Team

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