Why Should I Create a Personal LinkedIn?

Most of you are probably thinking, LinkedIn sounds boring, or why would I need that. I said the exact same thing, especially when my professor made it mandatory in our class to create one. But, I do NOT regret creating one and being active on it.

Your profile is a more aesthetically pleasing version of your resume and easily accessible. Once signed up, LinkedIn makes the rest of the process easy for you. They will ask to add your experience, in their it’ll request your job title, occupation, and company you work for. Another unique addition is that you can list specific skills you have. When listing these, it is important to be honest because others are able to endorse you for them (basically affirming that you have those skills).

Make your profile as accurate and up to date as possible because many human resource departments and recruiting firms utilize LinkedIn every day when searching for qualified candidates. A key component when you are submitting information about your experience is to make sure you click the company you work for. An example from my LinkedIn is below:


In this instance, you’d click the “Calamos Investments, Financial Services” with the logo option. The reason why this is important is because LinkedIn will save that in their database and it allows others to see what alumni work at this company when viewing the company page.

Why does that matter? Well, you can visit the company page, see there are “x” amount of alumni from your school working there. Then you can click on that link and it’ll list the alumni’s profiles. This feature could be the key to you getting into your dream company! But you’d need to message them first 😉

Connecting with as many people as you can is great, but make sure in the beginning stages that you at least know them. Having a network that you personally know is better than having random connections for the sole purpose of boosting your network numbers. People in your network will be glad to connect you with someone in order to get you where you’d like to be. I’ve posted on LinkedIn about my unemployment and how I was looking for a job. I specifically stated the type of position(s), location, and industry I was looking to go into. Shortly after publishing the post, I had messages in my inbox with suggestions on who to contact. Others would tag certain individuals on my post so they can help me out.

Why create a LinkedIn? If you are seeking out employment, want a professional social media, or simply enjoy reading a news feed regarding the working world, then LinkedIn is the social media site for you. Stay active on it and make sure your profile is updated. You will be surprised at how many people reach out to you with opportunities!


Stay tuned for “Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn”!




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