Influencers and Mentors, Thank You.

Growing up, I had many routes to choose from that could have lead me to become a completely different person than I am today and I’m sure others can relate. Reflect on those paths and think about the one you chose. Remember those who made both negative and positive impacts in your life. Have you ever thought about calling them and saying thank you? From personal experience, those individuals guided me in the right direction and they gave something of extreme importance, their time.

Did their advice and/or actions help shape the type of person you are today? Hopefully you have certain people in mind who have helped you or that you’ve learned from.

Therefore, I encourage you to take an hour or two out of your day to reflect on those who have positively impacted your life or guided you to become who you are today. Type their names into your phone, write them on a piece of paper, whatever you use to save notes and give them a call. Possibly schedule coffee, lunch, dinner, etc.. Try not to only text them, message them on social media, or email them. If that person is no longer here, say a prayer to them or take a moment of silence. Thank them for giving you their time and whatever they provided to help you be where you are today.

After doing the above, begin to challenge yourself by sharing your experience and knowledge with others who may be in the same place you were. If someone approaches you, be there for them or offer a hand. Most of the time it is all about listening. We aren’t experts on giving feedback or advice but listening, understanding someone, and simply letting them know you are there for them is one of the best gifts you can give. Our time is finite and when you do these things for others they truly appreciate it.

– Angelo


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