The question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” is one often asked, particularly in periods of personal growth. It begins during childhood, asked by parents, friends, teachers, and others curious enough to ask. As children, we approach this question quite idealistically, desiring to go wherever our dreams take us. As we grow older, we continue asking ourselves this same question — but not much changes. The key differences, though, are that we know more about the worlds we live in, and have a greater awareness of boundaries and factors that hold us back from career options. As our awareness and knowledge grows, so does the amount of time and energy we invest in answering this question.

You’ve grown up now. The question still lingers; but with time, it morphs and evolves. “What you want to be when you grow up” is soon split in two. What profession do you want? What will your profession be?

We don’t just think about these questions, but we may actively pursue finding answers. We engage professionals within eye-catching industries. We develop our strengths and weaknesses. We research different positions and areas of study. Or, we neglect answering altogether. Even for those whose answers are clear, knowing how to get from A to B can prove quite challenging. It can reveal further obstacles. Anxiety, distress, lack of resources, an un-encouraging environment… you name it. For such an important set of questions, the innate burden here is extremely clear.

This is where Perfect Circle comes in. If there is anything the the Perfect Circle team members have in common, it is our desire to, somehow, help those who face these burdens. We strive to provide professional development resources to aspiring professionals who might feel lost. We understand the need for more relatable stories we can learn from, so we aim to spread them. This is our mission: to make career building more exciting and less stressful.

Don’t settle. Be adaptable. Learn more about the infinite possibilities of your professional life. Perfecting one’s circle is an impossible task… but why not try?


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How We Got Here

It was all started by a mouse… Wait, wrong company. Let’s try this again, shall we? Hey there, hi, hello! Can you believe that Perfect Circle launched one month ago? We definitely can’t, and we’re thrilled with all of the support we’ve been receiving. We’ve been hard at work recording podcasts, researching marketing strategies, and …


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